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    août 21, 2015 : You know how great those images look on your Social Wall or TweetWall?

    Well, now video attached to Tweets or Instagram and Facebook posts will catch the eye of your attendees even more effectively.

    The introduction of video to Social Walls also opens up new opportunities that haven't been used before.

    By asking attendees to share short video clips (with or without sound) featuring products, or having fun at your stand/event you'll be able to drive more dynamic content, encourage social sharing and increase brand awareness as video content has been proven to be shared even more!

    Make it a competition and have even more fun, by using our contest option to pick a winner from just those folks that have shared a video! 

    What ideas do you have? Get in touch and let us help you with your next event.

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    See you again soon!





T?moignages tous les lire

The Belgian TV show Starter was looking for new ideas of business to develop for its second season. Ebuco, the production company organized a preselection of the candidates in 5 big cities in the French-speaking part of the country. They have installed a TweetWall in the hallway, where candidates where waiting to meet the jury. Mateusz Kukulka, Community Manager at Ebuco, explains why having a Twitter wall was important.

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