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  • Why Event Professionals Can't Resist The Magic Of Our Content Curation Tool

    juillet 7, 2015 : So, if "Content Is King" on social media - it goes without saying that the same also applies to Social Walls, don't you think?

    Sure, a Wall full of Tweets or social posts works well at pretty much any event, but, quite frankly, sometimes the content can be a bit repetitive, boring or not relevant at that moment in time.

    Our custom Walls are unique and attention grabbing, but even with the most spectacular Social Walls, they won't reach their full potential without some stimulating content to further inspire increased engagement and interraction.

    Easily Pull In Content From Facebook, Instagram And Twitter

    Curating content from Instagram and Twitter is super-easy with our free Google Chrome Extension - just find the post or Tweet you want to pull in to your wall and click on the T at the bottom of the message or post (your Social Wall session must be active before you do this).



    Curate a Tweet for Social Wall


    [Above: What it looks like in a Tweet when you hover over the "T"]


    To curate Facebook comments just click on the timestamp which is located just under the username. 


    Comment on Facebook


    You'll then be taken to a new window - just copy the URL from the browser bar and then paste it into our curation tool within Live Center.



    The Comment is then pulled in from Facebook to the bottom of the screen where you can Accept, Reject, or Save for later.  


    Facebook Comment curated

    As you can see from the above image, there are alternative ways of curating content from Twitter and Instagram should you not want to use the Google Chrome extension or wanted to prepare in advance.


    It Pays To Do Some Homework

    When Manchester United Football Club held their Player of the Year Awards in May, they came fully prepared, armed with already curated content (links to Tweets) that had been Tweeted by the players through the past year. 

    Once curated in our Live Center, the Tweets were released to the Social Wall at key moments during the evening, generating hype as awards were announced in addition to "setting the stage" from the very start, simultaneously encouraging engagement and participation with those attending the event at the Old Trafford, and via social across the world. 

    Here are some Tweets that were curated and displayed on the Social Wall to highlight key moments and Tweets from the season along with Ander Herrera's live Tweet on the night.


    Manchester United Team TweetwallManchester United three amigos Tweet

    Ander Herrera Manchester United Player of the Year

    So have we sparked any ideas on how you could use our Social Walls and Curation Tool for your next event? Maybe motivating delegates to particpate more willingly in Q&A's or building some hype as speakers are about to commence their conference sessions.

    We would love to know how your next event would benefit from our solution - don't hesitate to get in touch!

    Find out more about Inspiring Interaction at Conference Speaker Sessions or Why We Love Our Moderation Console in our blog.

    See you next time!





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