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  • Social Media Contest Using Our Social Wall

    août 24, 2015 : You understand the power of social media at events because you've witnessed it or even used it yourself.

    But how can you increase the chances of pushing your event or brand out to an even wider audience?


    Run a Social Media Contest!

    Social Media Contest Social Wall Mosaic

    Of course, we love helping out our fellow event professionals, and we understand how healthy competition can create a fun atmosphere, that's why we have Contests included as standard with all of our Social Walls.

    Contests are really easy to run from our Live Center too!

    Just select Contest in the Display Features dropdown menu.

    Social Media Contest Selection

    You then have a number of options to choose how you run your Contest.

    By far the easiest is to click on "Draw a new winner" for our software to randomly pick from all users who have Tweeted, shared Instagram or Facebook posts, used SMS or Web Messaging. 

    Winner of Social Media Contest

    By default, the winner is automatically excluded from subsequent draws but that can easily be changed in the Filtering tab [see above].

    The Filtering tab allows you to set parameters for more control over which users are eligible to enter the draw as you can see from the "Sources to use" section above.

    It's also possible to "tag" social posts in the Moderation panel and then have the software select the winner from the specific tag category - for example you could tag selfies and run a contest from just selfies.  In the afternoon you could run a contest for answering a specific question and tag those responses for the prize draw or if you want to personally choose a winner, you can do that too! You have the ultimate choice! 

    Tagged Social Media Contest Post

    Social Media Contest Winner

    And if you still don't like the winner selected, you can keep drawing new ones until you're happy with the result - just press "Click to display" and your Social Wall changes to a countdown screen, grabbing attention and selecting the winner, either from a spinning wheel of users names [shown below] or an onscreen shuffle of user profile pictures [shown near the top of this blog] until the winner is revealed along with any prize information.

    Social Media Contest Social Wall Wheel

    Prizes can be really simple such as an event T-shirt, or perhaps free registration to your next conference or event a great way to get sponsors involved!  Let them sponsor your contest. They get to increase their profile and you get to earn a little money off of their sponsorship!  Win, win for everyone, literally! 

    Contests can make a huge difference to the social engagement and reach of your event, but we also have Leaderboards for Most Active Users and Top ReTweets to encourage competition and encourage social sharing. Check out our blog on Gamification for some examples.

    Wondering about using a Social Wall at your next event? Give us a call - we would love to talk to you about it.





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The company Arinex was in charge of the organization of a conference in Sydney, Australia. Andrew Durbridge, Team Leader at Arinex, used TweetWall Pro to include Twitter to the discussion.

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