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  • Things Every Event Planner Should Do On Social Media After An Event

    septembre 6, 2015 : It’s easy to think all the hard work is over once you’ve reached the end of your event, but what many Event Planners don’t realise is this is the PERFECT time to gain more exposure on social media channels.

    As soon as attendees begin their journey home, they will (hopefully) be buzzing from all the networking, experiences and things they've learned. So this is the prime time to engage them on social channels and encourage them to continue talking about your brand or event - especially if you want to raise awareness of the next one!

    So don’t wait a week to blast out a “Thank You” message, schedule it for the hours immediately after the event closes – that goes for email as well as social media.

    Make your message stand out in social streams by using an eye-catching image – why not use an app like Layout to easily create a collage of event photo’s then add “Thanks for coming” text to the photo using something like Wordswag. Although designed for Instagram, the images they create can be shared on Twitter and Facebook too. What’s great is that it can all be done, on-the-fly on your phone.

    Event Image using Layout and WordSwag

    In the days and weeks following your event, share content to remind attendees of the great time they had by posting snippets or quotes from popular speaker sessions (video performs well on social right now), provide links to any presenter’s presentation on Slideshare, ask questions about what attendees enjoyed most and their main takeaways so you know what to build on for next time.

    Don’t forget to thank the most “socially” active attendees for interacting - another nice way to make them feel appreciated and to develop a deeper relationship is to add them to a Twitter List.

    So how do you find out who was most active on social media at your event?

    A very useful feature with our Social Walls is the reports. Not only are you able to downloadable lists of the social content shared, a downloadable file of all the images (a great source of content to share), and data such as Reach, number of Tweets etc. but there’s links to all the users along with a details of how many Tweets/Posts they contributed and how many followers they have. This User list can be sorted by number of messages, number of followers, or by username so you can easily pinpoint key influencers.

    Social Wall Report Filter

    Of course, it shouldn’t stop there - engaging and connecting with attendees and potential attendees all year round will pay dividends when it comes to the time for them to register for the next event.

    Want a chat about your next event? Just pick up the phone or send us a message – we can’t wait to speak to you!

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