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  • Wedding Planner Checklist - Don't Forget Your Social Wall

    juillet 21, 2015 : Social Walls are great for any occasion - so why not a wedding?

    Make your Wedding Day extra-special with our unique Wedding Social Wall animation.

    It's the perfect way to stream Tweets and Instagram posts, and you can even change the color scheme to compliment your bridesmaid dresses!

    What do you need?

    A unique hashtag is a must - and it's a good idea to keep it short and easy to remember so people don't have trouble using it - for example #JoSteveWed15.

    Apart from that, you just require an internet connection, a screen (or projector and screen) and a laptop - just plug it in and hit play!

    Simply display all Tweets and Instagram posts throughout the day or, for a bit more fun, provide props and costumes for your guests to show their silly side. 

    What's more, when the party's over, you'll have a zip file full of everyone's photo's and messages that they shared through the day (much easier than asking guests for copies later).

    Thinking of using Social Wall for your special day? Just get in touch for our special Wedding Day event rates today - and don't forget to share this with any friends or family getting married soon - it might make their day!

    Fancy something a little different? We've got another twelve standard templates that you can use - here's a small selection below.

    Wedding Photo Wall

    Wedding Social Wall Pink





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