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  • Social Media Strategy: All About the Hashtag

    décembre 22, 2015 : You want your audience to engage, they want to engage, but why is so often that this simple but important aspect of your social media strategy is being overlooked at your event?

    If you want more interaction, the key is making it very clear! Give your audience the catalyst, and they will do the rest.

    I am of course talking about Event hashtags, your key social call to action!

    With an estimated 584 million users now active across Twitter and Instagram, you can be sure there will be more than just a few in your social community and audience eagerly waiting to update friends, family, colleagues and avid followers with the latest and greatest from your event.

    People want to talk, so provide them the platform to do so!

    Here’s our top tips for your Event Hashtag:

    What to consider when creating your event hashtag

    1. Keep it unique- Brainstorm your ideas with others. You want to create a hashtag that’s not used by anyone other than your attendees, this will keep the conversation centralized. Top tip, use the Twitter search bar to see if your hashtag has been used before !If your event hashtag starts trending, watch out for unwanted trend alerts and use our ur comprehensive moderation features to remove these messages or ban users.

    2. Keep it short – The reason for this is twofold. Your audience is more likely to use your hashtag if it’s shorter, and easier to use. Secondly the longer the hashtag, the less characters your audience have to tell you what they think of your event.

    3. Make it Memorable- In many ways the reason for this is similar to the last tip, the more the hashtag sticks, the more likely people will be to use it. Avoid abbreviations where possible and give it relevance to your event to help people associate with it and remember it.

    Maximizing activity on your hashtag during the event

    1. Show off your Hashtag – You’ve spent time thinking about the perfect hashtag, now it’s time show it off at your event. Utilize everything you can to display your hashtag, have it visible on correspondence with attendees prior to the event, let them know on your social channels how they can engage on the day.

      And then make it visible on the day throughout all areas of the venue. Use signage and market it on any event merchandise given out to your attendees.

    Show your hashtag 


    1. Utilise your social wall- Displaying the conversation on a social wall will undoubtedly increase the activity on your hashtag, and it’s a great start!

      But why not try and utilize our ‘Ad’ feature and create a great call to action image, showing off and highlighting your hashtag. You can schedule this to show throughout the day to boost even more activity. Or even launch some of our integrated leaderboards, and contests to get some healthy competition between attendees, and boost engagement.

      The key to your event hashtag is simple. Keep it unique and easy to use. Communicate this to your guests. Don't leave any room for doubt in people's minds as to the Hashtag you want them to use. Display it wherever you can in your venue. And have the conversation displaying on a social wall. Your attendees will do the rest for you, and who knows- you could find yourself trending!


    For even more tips with Twitter. Check out this blog about increasing followers or follow this bright tip from Twitter France (in french) "How to launch a hashtag" : 






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