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  • MTV, Durex & TweetWall Pro to observe World AIDS day

    novembre 30, 2013 : December 1st is dedicated to raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic. This year, MTV and Durex have launched the SomeoneLikeMe campaign to open a global conversation leading to better sex education. Several local SomeoneLikeMe websites are displaying a TweetWall.

    Your Tweets and posts will open the dialogue for better sex education, happier and healthier sex lives and a world free from HIV”, says the campaign website.

    On Sunday, use #SomeoneLikeMe to join the conversation and spread the word.

    But the campaign starts before D-day. On Saturday, parties will be thrown across the globe to celebrate those who join the conversation. You will find a party in London, Berlin, Moscow, Mexico, Bogota, Shangai, Singapore and Sydney. Some of them will display a TweetWall during the party and on their website (yep, we now offer an embed TweetWall for your website!).
    Where will you see a TweetWall?


    Take part to the debate and help raise awareness so one day, we won’t need to observe the World AIDS day anymore!





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