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  • What Can your TweetWall Do for You?

    avril 4, 2012 : How to entertain and interact with your followers during the festival? Take advantage of your festival field and make your followers explore it!
    TweetWall Pro has a few ideas for you…


    For example, with your TweetWall, you can:


    Organize a photo contest

    Choose a theme and ask Twitter users to take as many pictures as they want. Select a few ones, allocate them a unique hashtag and display them on your TweetWall(s). Everyone can vote by mentioning the hashtag of the pictures. The TweetWall Pro Vote visualization will show what are the favorite pictures according to festivalgoers.
    Propose a theme such as “Do opposite attract?” and you will see festivalgoers going from the main stage to the campground to get inspiration and see their pics appear on the TweetWall.


    Start a battle

    Select two topics to compare and make your followers tweet about them. You will see the gauge of our TweetWall Battle visualization going from left to right and vice versa. What is the best concert, the one on the #MainStage or the one on the #SmallestStage? What is the best bar to have a drink: the #EntranceBar or the #StageBar? What is the best place to relax: in #YourTent or #InFrontOfAStage?


    Challenge them

    Are the festivalgoers ready to tweet? Yes, definitely. So make them tweet when you want and break records. Challenge them to tweet when an artist play one particular song and see on your TweetGraph what number of tweets per minute your audience reaches. Do it again the day after and try to break the record!


    Our team has plenty of ideas like those ones. Contact us and will sit around a table to get the most of our fellow TweetWallers.





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