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  • The Voice Belgique and Twitter in Figures

    mai 10, 2013 : The Voice Belgique season 2 just finished. After several months of competition, David has been elected THE Voice. During the show, people talked about him and other candidates on Twitter and Facebook. But how much did they talk? Let's try to figure it out.

    The Smart Room, where candidates and guest were interviewed, was full of our TweetWalls, just like last year. There were several regular TweetWalls, a graphic, a Worm (a long screen displaying one Tweet at a time behind the couch) and a top showing the 3 most active users. They were big part of the program's social media strategy.

    The Worm in the Smart Room in The Voice - made by TweetWall Pro


    Twitter was really part of the show, just like Facebook.

    The RTBF, the television channel broadcasting The Voice, shared the following infographic. The results give an idea of what happens when a brand stimulates the activity on social media.

    The Voice Belgique and social media - RTBF Inforgraphic

    Last year, the average number of Tweets was between 10,000 and 16,000. This year, it reached 19,000 Tweets during the finale. The RTBF has understood that Twitter is still growing in Belgium.

    We'd like to thank the RTBF for trusting us.

    See you for season 3?





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