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  • Five Fully Customized TweetWalls for #TheVoiceBe

    février 28, 2012 : Tonight, you will have the opportunity to see no less than 5 TweetWalls on television. Watch the show The Voice Belgique on the RTBF or online.


    Hey Belgian audience, don't miss The Voice Belgique tonight! There will be no less than 5 screens dedicated to TweetWall Pro and some of them are totally made up to adapt to the television's needs.


    You certainly wonder what to expect at 8.20 PM on the RTBF. Let's see...


    Vote for the candidate you like the most by using his/her hashtag and you will see on the TweetVote if the Twitter community is sharing your point of view.

    Two are regular but still funny TweetWalls (we won't tell you which ones...).

    On the TweetGraph, see how many Twittos are talking about The Voice Belgique in real time.

    And last but not least, the fifth one is a giant TweetWall displaying one tweet at a time: the TweetWorm. Thanks to a V-reporter (reporter for The Voice), you can have a glance at it.



    We are pretty proud of those last two ones which have been totally created for The Voice. They all will be in the "smart room", a place where candidates and guests can relax and answer a few questions beside the set, totally surrounded by TweetWalls.



    For those who haven't heard about The Voice, this is a new version of old X Factor and American Idol : wannabe singers go through blind auditions. But The Voice also innovates by including social media on television. If you've heard about this new reality tv concept coming from the Netherlands, you probably know it creates a real buzz on Twitter. 


    The Netherlands had broadcasted the second season, The United States started it in early February, France had just launched the first season last weekend and Belgium has started it a few weeks ago. The Voice Belgique now goes live every Tuesday and so does TweetWall Pro!



    Don't miss it tonight on the Belgian channel RTBF and on the internet !





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