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  • Tweet and dance at #DJExperience

    août 30, 2012 : Tweet while dancing at the great party organized by the Belgian TV channel RTBF. There will be a big TweetWall on the dancefloor.


    On Friday night (August 31st), in Brussels, people will be dancing at the RTBF DJ Experience. If attending, you will have the opportunity to see a great TweetWall on the dancefloor. Use the hashtag #DJExperience and see your Tweets on the screen.



    See you tomorrow on the dancefloor!





T?moignages tous les lire

Last December, Club Med installed a Snow Village in Brussels for a weekend. A tent was inviting people to have a drink and take part to the snowmen contest. Quentin, in charge of the event's organization, tells us more in a video.

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