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  • TweetWall Pro and the Mobile World Congress 2013

    mars 12, 2013 : This year again we had the opportunity to work with GSMA, the company in charge or the Mobile World Congress. Let's get back to this huge event...


    The Mobile World Congress (MWC) took place in Barcelona (Spain) in late February. It gathered more than 72,000 attendees who came from 200 countries.

    We started to work on this event several months ago. GSMA needed a ticker tape (the Tweet is displayed at the bottom of the screen) to display the TweetWall on the same screen as another kind of content. The TweetWalls were installed in the conference rooms as well as in the hallways. There were 31 sessions over 4 days.

    We have customized another visualization for the Ministerial Program, a conference attended by many influent persons in politics.

    Hilary Newton, Head of Conference Programme Management at GSMA, and Romain Rossel, Production Director at Dorier, tell us more about their experience.


    This was the third times we had the chance to work with GSMA. There were TweetWalls at the last MWC edition but also at the Mobile Asia Congress in 2011.

    During the Mobile World Congress 2013, a few other customers ordered a TweetWall. You can see in the video TweetWall customized for SAP and Ford.





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For the seventh Energy Showcase, SDG&E wanted to include social media to the event. Josh Thompson, in charge of the marketing, tells us why he installed a TweetWall.

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