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  • TweetWall Pro at iStrategy in London next week

    novembre 22, 2012 : A TweetWall will display Tweets during the iStrategy conference in London. Part of our team will be attending too.


    iStrategy is a big “Global Digital Media Conference” taking place in various cities. Next week, it will be held in London and we’ll be listening to great speakers from MTV, Hootsuit, Coca Cola, Credit Suisse, Sitecore, Nokia, Philips, Monster, Google, Telefonica, EDF, ... You name it!

    The two-day conference starts on Monday, November 26th. During the last edition, there were 6,226 Tweets shared by 1,086 users. Let’s see how much we can get with a TweetWall in the networking area!

    Watch the video to get attendees' opinion on iStrategy during the previous edition:

    If you plan to attend the conference, stop by our booth in the Rose Suite to talk to us or just admire our TweetWall!
    Join the conversation #iStrategy.


    Twickenham Rugby Stadium
    Rugby Road
    London TW1 1DZ
    United Kingdom

    Monday 26th Nov., from 8:00 am till 6:00 pm
    Tuesday 27th Nov., from 8:00 am till 4:00 pm





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