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  • TweetWall Pro Skills for Europe Growth #EBS2012

    avril 26, 2012 : Today a TweetWall is side by side with the Belgian PM, the Italian PM, the President of the EU, the President of the European Council, and many more at the European Business Summit, in Brussels. Twitter users are more and more encouraged to take part to European debates.


    How to move the EU out of the crisis & enhance growth through skills? The debate is still going on in Brussels. And Twitter users are welcome to share their opinion on #esb2012.

    It is the second time this week that a TweetWall helps to include Twitter users' opinion to an European debate. Could Twitter become the new Agora?

    For this European Business Summit, we've customized one of our visualizations: the Twitter Fall. Totally matching Wijs' colors, this red and white visualization displays six tweets at a time. Have a glimpse of what is going on by watching our short video.



    A TweetWall at the European Business Summit from TweetWall pro on Vimeo.





T?moignages tous les lire

The Aalto University decided to give opportunity to its students to express themselves. Kirsi Gylden, Director for Solutions and contents at Aalto University, tells us more about it.

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