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    juillet 3, 2013 : Twitter offers a huge platform for developers to play with but they have to keep in mind that there are rules to follow. Recently, Twitter transitioned to API v1.1 (Application Programming Interface) and retired the API v1. Yes, we did follow the rules and TweetWall Pro was technically compliant with this new API version as soon as it was released! (Spoiler alert: technical blog post)

    The Internet is a fast moving world and even though technologies are great tools to build useful services, you have to be really up-to-date from a technical point of view to handle them.

    Twitter offers a huge platform for developers to play with but without forgetting that there are many rules and norms to be followed. And as we all know, rules are constantly changing. Whatever these changes may be, we have to respect them.

    Thus, since the beginning of June, Twitter retired the version 1 of its API (Application Programming Interface. What's that? See Wikipedia's definition.) forcing developers to use the version 1.1. This move is restrictive and causes some tools simply to stop their business. (For more info about that, read the TheNextWeb article Twitter retires API v1, finally killing off TweetDeck for iOS, Android, AIR and other apps)

    At TweetWall Pro, we anticipated this transition. The dev team improved its main engine so it could use the latest Twitter features as the API v1.1 or the Stream API as soon as the API v1 got retired, offering their customers a robust service they can count on... always !





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TweetWall Pro provided a new dimension to interactivity between (...) speakers and attendees. In my opinion, it is the best Twitter based solution in the market. Hilary Newton - Head of Conference Programme Management

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