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  • Twitter Fall: a New Discreet and Multi Tweets Visualization

    novembre 18, 2011 :

    TweetWall Pro is a great buzz tool for event organizers and can be used in many occasions and in any kind of events.

    Conferences, outdoor rock concerts, birtdhays or wedding parties, football games, new product launch parties, Museum openings, various trade shows, internal company meetings, ...

    As you see, it works for events that are serious, or festive, or simply fun.

    At TweetWall Pro, we are continuously working to improve our product and provide the best tool to our customers according to their events needs and constraints.

    For example, Live Moderation is a key feature for many organizers who want to select by themselves the tweets which will be displayed.

    On the other side, the visual aspect of the TweetWall is also really important and must match the kind of event, the room, the display method (beamer or TV screen) and other parameters.

    That's why TweetWall Pro provides more then 20 different visualizations and adds new ones regularly.

    Today, we are proud to announce a new one called Twitter Fall. This visualization is quite simple, displays up to 6 tweets, and slides them smoothly and vertically (bottom to top) on a chronological order. Twitter Fall is quite discreet, non invasive and can fit  many circumstances.

    You can find it, starting today, when creating and configuring your session.

    Enjoy !





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