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  • Twitter in Figures

    avril 17, 2012 : Do you know that Twitter is popular in Japan? That there are 11 accounts created every second? And that the social network publishes 175 million tweets a day? Discover other surprising facts in that infographic.



    Twitter is American...

    There are over 465 million accounts and more than 107 million of them are owned by Americans. This is reflected in the nationality of the most followed persons: in top 5, 3 are American singers.

    Ashton Kutcher, once known for his huge number of followers (more than 10 million), is now far behind Lady Gaga followed by nearly 20 million Twitter users.

    ...but is all over the world

    Speaking in terms of number of users by country, the USA are number one (107 million shared by a population of nearly 315 million) but surprisingly followed by Brazil and Japan. Then:

    - UK

    - Indonesia

    - India

    - Mexico

    - Philippines

    - Spain

    - Canada

    Is it the right place to mention that our TweetWalls support multiple languages, japanese included?


    Have a look at that infographic to learn even more fact on Twitter.

    Twitter 2012: The Freshest Statistics on the King of Microblogging Services by Infographiclabs





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