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  • Twitter Under Attack

    février 4, 2013 : Did you get an email from Twitter recently? If the answer is no, you are probably not among the 250,000 Twitter users that were victims of a hacker attack last weekend.

    As several other major media companies those days (The New York Times and Wall Street Journal mainly), Twitter has been hacked. Around 250,000 accounts were victims of the attack. If you are one of those you should have received (or will soon receive) an email from Twitter inviting you to select a new password. What have hackers taken? "Usernames, email addresses, session tokens and encrypted/salted versions of passwords", according to Twitter.
    You can learn more on Twitter's blog.

    Here, at TweetWall Pro, we were concerned about this attack too. But don't worry, it had no consequences on our website. Your Twitter details are still safe here.


    What can you do to avoid being a victim of that kind of attack?

    There are a few recommendations we can give. They are basic but, well, still accurate:

    • Try to choose a different password everytime you register on a website;
    • Mix letters, symbols and numbers in your password. The more complex those passwords are, the better;
    • Avoid replying to strange emails from big companies. Twitter doesn't need you to confirm your password by email every 6 months;
    • Pay attention to the sender. If an email from an American company refers to a Chinese website (with a .cn in the URL), don't trust it! Or if it links to a vaguely-same-looking-but-not-exactly-same-website, be suspicious.





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