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  • What Was Going on during #ICTSpring?

    juin 21, 2012 : The ICT Spring fair was all about innovation. We've seen a lot of things in two days. The most amazing one was a new kind of screen to display a TweetWall...


    There were a few TweetWalls at ITC Spring but we think the most impressive one was...

    ... the one on a coffee machine! Would you prefer some tea or some coffee with your TweetWall? (Quick quizz: can you recognize who's reflected on the screen?)


    There were also impressive people below our TweetWalls such as Randy Zuckerberg (Former Head of Marketing at Facebook), Hiroshi Mikitani (CEO at Rakuten), Christophe Lambert (actor and ICT investor), Divya Narendra (Founder and CEO at SumZero), Andrew Brackin (co-Founder at GetDaily and the youngest entrepreneur at the fair) and so many more.




    Have a look at our Storify to know more about the topics treated at ICT Spring.





T?moignages tous les lire

Using TweetWall Pro brings a real added value to the event. And my Twitter account counts near than 30 new followers ! Tanguy De Lestré - Founder MobileMonday Brussels

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