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    juin 17, 2013 : #New is definitely one of the trends at TweetWall Pro these days! In addition to new pricing and purchasing options, we also have a completely new dashboard and session creation process. Let's take a look at these changes...

    We've simplified our tool as much as we could. Changes concern the dashboard, the session creation process, the animations and your account. We also have a new FAQ section. That's a lot! Let's review each, one by one.

    The Dashboard
    Every user has a dashboard to create a session, start your session, duplicate sessions, adjust settings, etc.  This is also where you can check your account balance and purchase more time if needed. The dashboard is our town square: the place to go when you need some action.


    Creating a Session
    Creating a session has never been easier. Once you have clicked 'Create a Session,' all of your settings are in one place. You can adjust your settings and start your session or save the settings for a later time.
    For more details, watch our training video and make sure to know everything you need to control your TweetWall.

    Create a Session

    The Animations
    You have the choice of 6 different animations. Once you select an animation, you can customize it by selecting a background color, text color, etc.

    We have even thought about those of you using portrait mode. The '90 Degrees' animation displays several Tweets at a time… vertically.

    Do you need more? Contact us!

    Animation choice

    Your Account
    You have access to your account at anytime. Do you see 'My Account' on the top of this page? If the answer is no, then you need to log in...

    To access your account, click on your name, (once you're logged in). Here you can change your contact information, your password or billing details. You can also check your acccount balance, buy more, or see your receipts.

    My Account

    Would you like more information? Do you have additional questions? Visit our new FAQ section at any time to find the answers to many common questions. 

    TweetWall Pro's FAQ

    We hope you are as excited about the changes as we are!  If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us!





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Why not including a TweetWall to a comedy festival? That's what Mrugank Desai, at the head of a digital team at FoxyMoron, thought. He therefore contacted us.

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