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  • Who is Tweeting During a Festival?

    avril 4, 2012 : Ever wondered who is tweeting during your festival? There are as many categories of Twitter users as Twitter users themselves. Despite the difficulties, we managed to categorize them into three categories: the Tweetreporters, the devoted and the enjoyers. So now you know whom you are addressing to.




    Any music lover may be a Tweetreporter. This group gathers all Twitter users sharing their musical tastes and their festival experience hour per hour. But this category may be tricky for festival organizers for sometimes Tweetreporters are also reporting for a newspaper. Media companies are more and more often asking to festival enthusiasts to tweet for the newspaper blog.

    The Tweetreporter is usually followed by a large group of people. In addition to their followers, some of them will have a visibility on a news website. Whether they are tweeting for themself or for a media company, Tweetreporters are highly influential. They are focused on music and the quality of performance rather than talking about the organization of the festival. They better be pleased to be there!


    You definitely have to take advantage of the Tweetreporters. They are interested in music and festival, they will attend yours for sure and tweet about it. Why not offering them free tickets and including them to your crew? They can play an intermediary role between the whole Twitter community and your staff. So they draw your attention to what may require your reaction. They can also act as community managers for your event and interact with your large group of followers, give advice and tips from the inside.



    The Devoted wants to improve the festival. You will read tweets talking about the sound level, the location of the stage, any problem in the campground, etc. These tweets help you to keep in touch with the audience of your festival. Solving the problem quickly and replying to them directly on Twitter may impress the audience.

    Consider the devoted as a part of the security team and you will have a bigger crew paying attention to every detail.
    The devoted can be any Twitter user.



    The Enjoyers are here to have fun. They don’t share interesting point of view or useful information but more how much fun they have. Their tweets are about how cool it is to be there, how nice their friends are or even how great the last concert of the day was. Their impressions create buzz on Twitter.

    Their followers want to join them and be part of the fun.



    Now that you are more familiar with those Twitter users who might attend your festival, learn how to deal with them.





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