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  • Why Does your Festival Require a TweetWall?

    avril 4, 2012 : Installing a TweetWall in your festival field may have various effects.


    It creates buzz for artists & concerts
    Imagine hundreds of tweets mentioning the same show in your Twitter timeline even before the artist performs on stage. By sharing their impressions on a show, festivalgoers will generate a buzz. Is there a better way than counting on fans to do it?



    It warms up the audience!
    While waiting for the artist to come on stage, people can tweet and see  their tweets appearing on a screen (your TweetWall) in the field.   TweetWall Pro is a funny and original way to entertain the public.





    It gives your sponsor visibility
    A TweetWall gives room to your sponsor too. You can display its logo on the screen during the whole festival, play a short video (such as a commercial) from time to time or even use its hashtag to make people tweet. Indeed, Twitter users can be requested to insert two hashtags in their tweets (#myfestival #mysponsor, e.g.) in order to appear on the TweetWall.





    It stimulates the interactivity
    Have you ever dreamt of a festival where people
    can be connected to each other and to artists? Here is the opportunity to fulfill your dream. On Twitter, festivalgoers say what they want and what they feel to their community. But they now also address to the artist. Asking a question to a singer or a band has never been that easy!
    Special features such as the battle or a voting system make your audience even more active on Twitter.





    It is more efficient than a megaphone
    You have something to communicate to the crowd and want to make sure every single festivalgoer will see it? Display it on your TweetWall! Share opportinities (free beers during 10 minutes), news (be careful on the camping site, someone already felt because of a small hole in the grass), schedule changes (Amazing Band goes live on stage 2, not 3), etc.


    Ready to get a TweetWall but want to maximize your presence on Twitter first? Read our short guide!





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