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  • With or Without Us

    octobre 10, 2013 : Every year, the French-speaking radio NRJ organizes a big concert in Belgium with a dozen of singers going on stage. The outdoor event gathers 50,000 people. Last year, NRJ installed a TweetWall. This year, NRJ elected not to use a TweetWall. Curious as we are, we have decided to compare Twitter activity from both years and the results are impressive!

    In 2012
    The concert NRJ in the Park (#NIP2012) entered in the top 10 of trend topics on Twitter. The TweetWall displayed almost 2,500 Tweets and more than 700 people Tweeted to see their messages appear on the screen.

    In 2013
    This year, NRJ decided not to install a TweetWall and we decided to monitor Tweet activity during the event using TweetWall Pro and compare both reports at the end. Without a TweetWall to encourage the audience to Tweet, NRJ received only half the amount of Tweets they had received the year before. #NIP2013 was mentioned just over 1,000 times and by less than 400 people.


    In average, there were 92 Tweets per hour compared to 212 per hour the year before. Even more compelling are the reach statistics. Integrating a TweetWall at the NRJ event virally reached more than 2 million people. Without the TweetWall this number was less than half. 

    Impressive? We think so… 





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Mattias Nordström, Technical Coordinator at the Lund University, wanted to use a TweetWall for a conference. He asked TweetWall Pro to work with him.

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