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Sometimes, the TweetWall doesn't appear just because of a computer issue. You can check below that your computer is ready to display your TweetWall. If you see one, two or three red crosses, please follow the instructions.
Checking Flash (required min. version: 9.0.0)
Your version of Flash is up-to-date. You can see our animations.
Our system needs an up-to-date version of Flash. Could you please install it?
Checking Browser features (Socket.IO)
Your browser can display our tool perfectly.
Your browser doesn't support the main feature. Could you update your browser or use another one?
Checking TweetWall Pro service connection
The connection to our service is totally working.
There is a connection issue with our service. Could you check your Internet connection and your firewall?


You got three green V above but your TweetWall doesn't work properly?

The problem you're experiencing might have been experienced by other users before you. Have a look at our FAQ to find the solution.



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