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  • A Bunch of Monkeys - 2da Entrega de premios DanupTV

    a bunch of monkeys petit

    July 23, 2012 : The young company A Bunch of Monkeys was in charge of the TweetWall for a big concert in Mexico, on July 18th. Federico Stuht, project manager for the company, told us about his experience.


    What was your event?

    The event was called 2da Entrega de Premios DanupTV, it was an award show that ended with a concert from two of the biggest bands in Mexico: Molotov and Kinky. We had 3,800 attendees approximately and over 25,000 views for our live streaming.

    What is your job?

    I'm a project/content manager for a small agency that is just starting in the digital world.

    What was the goal of the TweetWall?

    We expected people wanting to be on the wall. Before we turned the wall on, there were just a few tweets with our hashtag.

    How did the audience react?

    Once the wall went on, people started tweeting. #PremiosDanupTV got trending for a while.

    We got quite a number of twitpics. Many tweets were asking for the show to start, the hype for the bands was probably one recurring subject. There were also a lot of tweets of people tweeting from home, watching the live stream.

    What do you think of the moderation feature?

    I used the automatic moderation for a while, so it was working as a filter. Tweets that were rejected were mostly for not building anything for the show, good or bad.

    Why did you choose us?

    From all the options, TweetWall just looked great.

    Do you think TweetWalls might be usefull in your field?

    Yes, I think it gives the people another level of interaction.

    What did you think of our service?

    I was very happy with it.

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