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  • BlackBerry - Launch of Blackberry 10 and South by Southwest

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    March 26, 2013 : Last month, Blackberry organized two events: the US launch of Blackberry 10 and the South by Southwest activation. For both events, they wanted to have a TweetWall. Melanie Masson, Social Media Marketing at Blackberry, comes back to her experience with us.

    What was your event?

    We used a TweetWall for the US Launch of BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry's South by Southwest activation. [South by Southwest Conferences and festival is a huge event taking place in Austin, Texas. It gathers music, film and interactivity professionals for 9 days. Check our blog post for more info.]

    What is your job?

    I'm Social Media Marketing Manager at BlackBerry.

    What was the goal of the Twitter Wall?

    We wanted a TweetWall to help drive social participation during our celebration event.

    Did the audience react?

    Absolutely!! We had the TweetWall on stage during the set changes to the concert. The audience sent lots of Tweets with pictures. We have noticed lots of involvement from the audience.

    Why did you choose us?

    We've worked with you in the past and liked the experience! It's very easy to work with the back end of the tool as well as the team at TweetWall.

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