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  • Corporacion MEDCOM


    December 1, 2011 : "TweetWall Pro gave another dimension to the 2012 launch of Medcom Presales"
    Roberto Rodríguez C. - Internet Director

    During this annual important event, where we announced next year’s rates and 
    advertising agencies and clients were invited by Corporación MEDCOM, we were able 
    to fully interact with our guests. The participation experience met our expectations, 
    introducing an innovative dynamic with the audience by using this application.
    TweetWall Pro offers another kind of interaction, better than most ways, with the event attendees, by giving them the opportunity to send their greetings, photos with guests and creative messages exalting their favorite products of Corporación MEDCOM. 
    Giant screens were fitted in the room so that the messages were seen by everybody.
    About Corporación MEDCOM
    Corporación MEDCOM is a communications company located in Panama. It broadcasts radio and television, and is primarily due to its customers: each and every one of the viewers and advertisers.
    We count with more than 50.000 Twitter followers and 65.000 Facebook fans

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