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  • Delta Hotel in Halifax - Raise a Little Hellp

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    June 15, 2012 : Raise Little Hellp is an annual charity event for the Novia Scotia Chapter for Habitat for Humanity. Tan-Nee Ng, among others, was in charge of the event. She shared her opinion of our tool with us.


    What was the impact of the TweetWall?

    This was definitely the enhancement we were looking for to bring Raise a Little Hellp to the next level.

    What did you think of our service?

    You have a great product but what is most impressive is your personal dedication to servicing customers.  The application was easy-to-use, seamless, and more powerful than we could image.  The visualizations provided were outstanding enhancements and definitely eye-catching.  We moderated the tweets with an iPad, which was portable and super efficient - and once we had the tweet wall running on the big screens, it was very reliable and quick to upload.  We had many compliments from our clients regarding our displays - having Tweetwall Pro was an upgrade we had always envisioned for RALH and you guys brought that to life for us...

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