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  • Lund University - Innovation in Mind (conference)

    September 20, 2012 : Mattias Nordström, Technical Coordinator at the Lund University, wanted to use a TweetWall for a conference. He asked TweetWall Pro to work with him.




    What was your event?

    Innovation In Mind 2012 - a temporary venue under a large proffesional tent.
    There were aprox. 450 attendees.

    What is your job?

    I am a Technical Coordinator, Team leader.

    What was the goal of the Twitter Wall?

    To be able to display a moderated Twitter feed.

    Why did you choose us?

    We have used other software before that didn't work, and liked the looks and easy handeling of tweetwall.

    Do you think TweetWalls might be usefull in your field?

    Yes, for conferences and other meetings.

    What did you think of our service?

    Nice looking, quite easy to use.

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