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  • RTBF - The Voice Belgique (TV show)

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    July 3, 2012 : As part of an international popular show, The Voice Belgique thought it was about time to include Twitter. Viewers had to vote for the candidates. They would be surely talking about it on Twitter. Why not displaying a Twitter feed somewhere?



    About The Voice
    The Voice is a reality talent show that exists in several countries. The Dutch concept has been adapted in the USA, France, UK, Ireland, Australia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Belgium, etc. The show is a new version of X Factor and American Idol: wannabe singers go through blind auditions. But The Voice also innovates by including social media on television. It creates a real buzz on Twitter.


    What Were the Needs
    The Voice Belgique, the French-speaking edition of the show in Belgium, was broadcasted on the RTBF channel. They contacted us and asked us what we could do for their live shows. The idea was to display what was happening on Twitter on various screens in a room aside the set. There were at least 4 screens dedicated to TweetWall Pro and one of them was made of 3 big screens. We could propose various ideas to broadcast Tweets but the RTBF had 3 requirements:

    • There will be a graphic showing how many Tweets are published while the show is on air;
    • There will be a voting visualization so the audience could see how popular candidates are on Twitter;
    • The long screen made of three will display one Tweet at a time on the whole width.

    The RTBF asked for one last thing: the moderation feature. They needed to be able to avoid embarrassing tweets to be on air.


    What We Did
    At TweetWall Pro, we thought about our visualizations, what we could offer and what was suitable for television. Not an easy challenge but we were willing to take it up.
    Our developers in accordance with our designers created:

      1.The Worm: a large TweetWall inspired by Twitter;


    2. The TweetGraph showing how many Tweets were sent in real-time. We had chosen a white background but then realized we couldn’t easily read on tv. We changed the color and opted for a blue-Twitter-inspired background too;



    3. The TweetVote: we have adapted our voting visualization and extended the bars. At the beginning, they were centred but, again because of tv, we decided the make them full screen;


    4. Two regular visualizations: there were still two screens to fulfil. The RTBF chose two of our regular visualizations: the Twitter Fall and the MosaPic Full.


    Since it was on television, no logo except The Voice’s logo could appear (for the sake of non-advertising rules on a state-owned channel).


    During the Show
    During 7 weeks (in March-April 2012), the TweetWalls were running every Tuesday night, in the smart room, filmed when a candidate was talking below or when something interesting happened on Twitter.
    Anecdote: A jury member’s performed with a few candidates once and asked the Twitter users to Tweet when they would hear “Alors on danse”, the famous quote from Stromae’s song. The peak of Tweets was obvious on the TweetGraph.

    The show was a hit and we could notice that on Twitter: people were creating accounts to be able to share their comments with the community. We could tell from the classic Twitter eggs in the middle of original avatars.

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