• Aalto University - Program of Sustainable Economic Policy

    février 19, 2013 : The Aalto University decided to give opportunity to its students to express themselves. Kirsi Gylden, Director for Solutions and contents at Aalto University, tells us more about it.

    What was your event?

    A Conference about Sustainable Economic Policy for our students.

    What is your job?

    I'm a Director for Solutions and Contents

    What was the goal of the Twitter Wall?

    Our customers wanted to use it to support panel discussion.

    How did the audience react?

    The reaction was positive. There were a lot of interesting Tweets from Aalto students who were invited to follow the panel discussion.  

    Why did you choose us?

    Because we have good experience from past.

    Do you think TweetWalls might be usefull in your field?

    Yes, TweetWall Pro is very interesting for big events.



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