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Sponsorship Packages


Generating Revenue with TweetWall Pro

Raising a brand’s profile via a TweetWall offers a contemporary social media platform, to supplement viral marketing.

From simple sponsor logo placement to unique tailoring of the TweetWall experience, we are able to offer a selection of sponsorship opportunities that not only removes a TweetWall as a cost item, but turns the TweetWall into something that generates revenue.

There are two main ways to integrate sponsors.

Advertising Opportunities

Integrate sponsor logos in TweetWall Backgrounds or in Sponsor Loop
Integrate Sponsor messages in TweetWall Announcements
Integrate sponsor video or flash images using our Advertisement feature.

Highlighting Opportunities

Call attention to key Tweets by using sponsor’s Twitter handles, keywords, or hashtags raising the brand profile.

Or offer custom highlights through the integration of brand specific colors for highlighting Tweet content. 

Presenting Opportunities to your Sponsor

Sponsorship opportunities can be organized to accommodate a single sponsor, multiple sponsors and various budgets.

For assistance in identifying sponsorship packages to offer at your event, contact us today!


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