• Subsea UK - Subsea 2013

    février 14, 2013 : The company Subsea UK holds an exhibition once a year gathering 3,500 visitors and 140 exhibitors. This year, they decided to heighten the engagement on social media. Dan Fearon, Communications Coordinator at Subsea UK, tells us more about it.


    What was your event?

    Subsea 2013. [An exhibition taking place in Aberdeen, Scotland, about subsea sector.]

    What is your job?

    I'm a Communications Coordinator.

    What was the goal of the Twitter Wall?

    We wanted to heighten the social and networking elements of the exhibition.

    How did the audience react?

    The reaction was very positive. Compared with last year's event (minus TweetWall) we had a huge surge in Twitter activity.

    We got news / announcements, comments on the show, people tweeting at each other, amusing observations etc. Most tweets came from the audience but there were external Tweets too.

    Why did you choose us?

    Flexibility and willingness to help us out in a difficult situation built some initial trust. Responsiveness and competence of Paola was also highly valued.

    Live moderation was also crucial. We were satisfied by the feature. I didn't see any offensive Tweets as I assume the filter removed them automatically.

    Do you think TweetWalls might be usefull in your field?

    We host several events a year but the largest is Subsea 201x; I can't see the use for TweetWall at our other events because they're much smaller, but for this particular event it's ideal.

    What did you think of our service?

    TweetWall Pro is a brilliant service for anyone looking to heighten the social / networking elements of their events. Our thanks go to all the staff at TweetWall Pro for their fantastic work and constant support throughout our event. We will definitely use this TweetWall Pro again in the future.



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